1. What is Kasaav powder? 
Kasaav is a result of years of research and development done by our scientists. Kasaav addresses intimate feminine concerns of women. It helps in the rejuvenation of the vagina by tightening it in a natural way. It is a product that provides true women empowerment.


2. What are the main benefits of using Kasaav powder?
Kasaav is very effective for tightening of the vagina. Along with tightening, it provides vaginal rejuvenation, improves strength and grip of the vagina, helps prevent infections, encourages natural lubrication, masks foul odour, reduces involuntary urine escape, improves blood circulation, delays effects of ageing and keeps the vagina healthy.


3. What is the meaning of vaginal rejuvenation?
It is the process to improve the tone and strength of vaginal muscles so as to strengthen the grip of the vagina. This includes improving blood flow to the region, removing dead cells and enhancing the growth of new cells, encouraging a natural moisturizing effect.


4. What are the ingredients of Kasaav powder?
Kasaav is a blend of natural products like Centella Asiatica, Woodfordia Floribunda, Punica Granatum, Almonds, Alum, Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Gold and other ingredients that provide the desired results only in the correct combination as formulated in the powder.


5. How to determine vaginal looseness?
Check by placing a finger in your vagina and squeezing inner muscles around it. If you do not feel enough tightening pressure or very less pressure around your finger, you have loose vagina.


6. How does Kasaav powder work?
Kasaav helps by:

·  Removing dead cells and replacing them with newer cells

·  Rejuvenating the vagina by improving blood circulation

·  Contracting the vagina by constringent action

·  Improving the grip of the vagina by improving the strength of the vaginal muscles and tissues

·  Healing of internal wounds

·  Promoting vaginal health by preventing infections & itching

·  Promoting attractive odour

·  Encouraging natural lubrication

·  Helping you to achieve orgasms more often

·  Delaying the effects of ageing in the vagina


7. How to apply Kasaav powder?
Wash your hands and clean the vagina with water. Open the bottle of Kasaav powder and take a small quantity (approximately 4 to 5 gms) onto your fingertips. Gently insert your finger in the vagina and apply the powder inside the vagina in all directions. Apply twice daily for 3 months along with vaginal tightening exercise as mentioned in the product leaflet.


8. Can Kasaav prevent vaginal infections?
Yes, Kasaav by its appropriate pH balance prevents vaginal infections.


9. How does Kasaav powder help in vaginal tightening and rejuvenation?
The constringent properties of ingredients in Kasaav, help in tightening the vagina and rejuvenate it by improving blood circulation.


10. Can vagina be tightened and how?
Yes, with Kasaav powder one can achieve a tighter vagina.


11. Will I get instant vaginal tightening after applying Kasaav powder?
No, Kasaav does not provide instant tightening. It will provide tightening only after its regular usage for minimum 8-10 weeks as per its usage instructions.


12. What are the options for tightening the vagina?
There are three options in isolation or in combination. One is intra-vaginal application of medicaments like Kasaav powder. Second is repeated practice of Kepowder exercises. The third is to undergo Vaginoplasty (surgery). The best and safest option is application of Kasaav powder along with the recommended exercise.


13. Can Kasaav help in restoring vaginal lubrication?
With regular use of Kasaav, one can get lubrication restored naturally.


14. What are the causes of vaginal dryness?
Vaginal dryness may be due to poor lubrication related to hormonal disturbances.


15. I notice a bad odour from my vagina, along with discharge? What should I do?
Bad odour is usually a sign of vaginal infection that needs to be properly treated. Frequently, your partner also needs to be treated simultaneously. Consult a doctor. To keep infections away, regular wash and good hygiene of intimate parts is strongly recommended. Use of Kasaav helps prevent infections.


16. Can Kasaav powder help in removing the bad odour from my vagina?
Yes, if it is of a mild nature.


17. What precautions should be taken while applying Kasaav?
Kasaav should not be used during menstruation. Keep this medicine away from the reach of children.


18. Can Kasaav cause allergic reaction?
Not likely.


19. I am taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Can I use Kasaav?


20.Can Kasaav be applied during menstruation?


21. Can my partner wear a condom for intercourse after applying Kasaav?
Yes, if you don't want to conceive.


22. Will it cause any harm when Kasaav is applied inside the vagina?
Kasaav is meant for intra-vaginal use only and is absolutely safe.


23. Will applying Kasaav affect future pregnancy?
Absolutely not.


24. Can I apply Kasaav powder during pregnancy?
There are no harmful effects known for use during pregnancy, but better not to be applied during advanced stages of pregnancy.


25. Can virgins use Kasaav powder?
Yes, early use of Kasaav delays ageing effects.


26. Will Kasaav powder help to get hymen back?
No, Kasaav helps in toning up and tightening of the vagina.


27. Is Kasaav powder safe to use after delivery?
Yes, after 15-20 days, once the blood-stained discharge has stopped.


28. How is Kasaav different from other creams available on the net?
The application of Kasaav powder over a period of minimum 6 to 8 weeks as per its usage instructions provides long-lasting tightness and rejuvenation of the vagina along with various other health benefits. Whereas other products available on the net claim to provide instant tightness, which is actually not possible. Tightening of the vagina is a process, not magic. Kasaav is a scientifically formulated and clinically approved product.


29. I am not satisfied during the act of intercourse and the act is painful / how can I improve the satisfaction level and reduce my pain?
Use Kasaav for three months, along with recommended exercise, you will start feeling improvement from 8-10 weeks or earlier.


30. I often experience itching and have dryness in my vaginal area. How can Kasaav help?
Kasaav helps in preventing itching and vaginal dryness thanks to its natural moisturizing effects and appropriate pH levels. If itching is very severe, please consult your doctor.


31. What's the difference between Kasaav and other tightening creams available abroad or online?
All brands available online claim instant tightening, which is possible only with gum. Kasaav acts in a scientific way by tightening and rejuvenating the vagina by its usage over a period of time. It is not an instant result product; whereas it is a long term usage product that provides long-lasting results.


32. What is Kepowder excercise?
Kepowder exercise (named after Dr. Arnold Kepowder), is a pelvic floor exercise. It consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. Its aim is to improve muscle tone by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and is strongly recommended by doctors worldwide.


33. Does Kasaav stain the clothes?
Certainly not. You can use Kasaav, without having any such fear.


34. Does Kasaav irritate after application?
Kasaav has been tested dermatologically even on the most sensitive skin with positive results. Thus not likely to cause any form of irritation.


35. Has Kasaav been tested and approved?
Yes, Kasaav has been tested and approved clinically.


36. I am afraid of surgery. Is there any other method for tightening of vagina?
Yes, with Kasaav one can tighten the vagina in a natural way with no fear of surgery and complications associated with it.


37. Should I use Kasaav at the same time every day?
Yes, that would be ideal, but you can use Kasaav at anytime (+/-) 4 hours from your previous day's use.


38. How does Kasaav work?

·  Kasaav improves lubrication of the vagina


39. Is it safe to use Kasaav?
Kasaav is manufactured with internationally approved ingredients and has been clinically approved for its efficacy and safety.


40. Does this really work?
Yes, Kasaav is a very effective formula.


41. Can I use it every day?
Yes, the maximum application is twice within 24-hour period.


42. Does more frequent use produce better results?
No, two applications over the course of a day are sufficient to produce better results.


43. Will Kasaav help me reach climax, when making love?
The increase in satisfaction is dramatic. In the clinical trials 78% of women reported an increase in satisfaction with their ability to reach orgasm after using Kasaav for 12 weeks.


44. Does Kasaav remain effective over time with repeated use?
The effectiveness of Kasaav doesn't diminish over time. The formula continues to be effective with repeated use.


45. If I use Kasaav do I have to keep using it? Will my vagina become loose if I stop using Kasaav?
Kasaav is a long term and long lasting solution. To get effectiveness, keep using Kasaav twice daily for three months so as to achieve desired level of tightness. Eventually, you reduce the usage to only once daily for maintaining results or may even skip usage sometimes.


46. Does Kasaav work for women of all ages? I am 65, any hope?
Yes, actually Kasaav is for all age groups.


47. What is the shelf life of Kasaav?
According to laboratory results, Kasaav has a shelf life of two years from date of manufacturing under packed condition. But once you open the bottle, then it should be used within 60 days.


48. Is Kasaav a good lubricant?
Kasaav instantly provides some lubrication but importantly it encourages and restores natural long term lubrication in vagina.


49. Will Kasaav transfer to my partner during intercourse and how will this affect his penis?
Not to worry, there will be no negative effect on your partner. Rather, your partner shall start feeling more pleasure by the time you complete your 3 months usage.


50. Does Kasaav have any hormones or steroids in it?


51. Will I feel any sensation after applying Kasaav powder?
Once Kasaav is applied, you will not be aware of it. It is not an instant stimulant, it provides only long-term benefits.


52. If I use Kasaav, will it provide vaginal tightening instantly during my first use?
No, Kasaav will not provide instant tightening. It is a long-term usage product that provides long-lasting results after its continuous usage over a period of time of about 3 months.

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